Collection: Throws

A Throw is not only to be displayed on your bed, it can be displayed on your couch or your favorite comfy armchair. You can even use smaller throws on your outside chairs for that chilly evenings outside at the braai. Complimenting throws can be folded and hang over the sides of your couch. There is no need for it to be perfectly folded you can casually put your throw over the back of your couch or chair. To put your throw off-center a lived-in and relaxed look is created. There is nothing as inviting as a thick knitted throw in your favorite colour that is gently twisted and draped over the length of your couch. If you are not as fortunate to have a beautiful one but need the comfort of a hot throw for snuggling on a cold night, rather roll up the throw and put it in a beautiful basket at the side of your couch or underneath the coffee table. Always consider the texture and colour before you buy. A bright colored can work if you want to introduce colour to a neutral colored room. Neutral colour with texture, like thick wool knit, or faux fur look beautiful and add extra texture to a couch or chair. Throw in classic patterns and colours are perfect for a more traditional room. Cotton throws are mostly quite light weight and perfect for summer and will not overwhelm a room. Textured and colored striped cotton throws is a good option to add interest to a room without overwhelming it. Buy throws in South Africa, and how it delivered to your door.