Collection: Scatter Cushions

Scatter cushions, are one of the fastest, easiest and most economic ways to change the interior of any room in your home.

Decorative items like scatter cushions, add a new dimension of comfort and style to your home. You can use it in the corners, in the middle of your couch or add that finishing touch to an occasional chair or your bed. You can even have two sets of that you can change with the seasons. Scatters with softer warmer fabrics for winter months combined with a soft warm throw does not only spell comfort but can be such a spoil. Cooler colours and fabrics are best for the hotter summer months. Its versatile and easy to switch throughout the year to give your home an instant make over. When you put the scatters in the center of your couch three is best. In the corner of the couch two or three per side is best. It will also depend on the size of your furniture, the smaller your couch or bed, fewer scatters are a better option. On your bed it is up to personal taste, although three is usually best. When you use an odd number of cushions your room will have a more contemporary look. Fewer very large scatter cushions will give your room that structured feel. Various small scatter cushions can add a more romantic feeling to the room. Different sizes are still the best way to go. Larger square cushion behind and smaller, round or long cushions in front. The most popular is still the more traditional look where you add an even number, lined up symmetrically on the couch or bed. Select the colours that you like best and find scatters that fit that colour palette. When you choose these colours, keep in mind the colour of your curtains, rugs, furniture and ornaments in your house that you love, like paintings and pictures. You can choose a neutral colour scatter cushion and combine it with patterned cushions that have complimentary colours. Do not be afraid to mix-and-match. Use different textures, colours and patterns. Modern patterns and colours in geometric shapes combines with softer floral patterns and plain textures fabrics, are very popular at the moment. When you choose your scatter, keep in mind that the colours must fit in with the rest of your decor colour scheme. Linen & Myrrh would like to make it easy to buy scatter cushions in South Africa, we will be updating our range with new trends, and also extend our range with different colour schemes.