Collection: Headboards

There is nothing that can make a bolder statement in a bedroom than a modern headboard covered in beautiful fabric. It provides comfort and warmth and is practical. Choosing the right design will allow you to add character and flair to your bedroom. We have a wide variety of upholstery fabrics and ready made headboards that you can choose from to suit every budget. Always keep in mind that the fabric you choose can impact the feel of your whole bedroom. Padded headboards add softness to a bedroom, while a upholstered one will give you a cozy surface when leaning with your back against it. Think about the size, colour and fabric options that will best suit your needs.

Choose a fabric that will complement the rest of your bedroom. A stylish floating headboard with a simpler design opens more possibilities of creating different looks. With a darker wall colour rather opt for a fabric that is in a contrasting colour. This will assure a focal point in your bedroom and will not blend in with the rest of your wall. We provide standard sizes headboards, take in consideration the height of your ceiling. We provide modern headboards for three quarter size beds, headboards for double bed, and headboards for queen size bed. Measuring your bed and wall height will help you with spatial issues when installing. Do not choose a size that is too high or too wide for your bed. Otherwise you might have a problem of overpowering your bedroom. Think practically before buying, your headboard needs to be comfortable, practical and hard wearing. The best option is to choose a good quality fabric with a timeless design. Linen & Myrrh has wide range of different fabrics, and we would like to provide our clients with the option to buy headboards in South Africa at an affordable price, but still receive a high quality product.